Haunted Abandoned Hotel

Hotel Del Salto is a formerly abandoned hotel outside Bogota Colombia, get a rare look inside where normally pictures and video are not allowed. Built in 1923. #Haunted #Abandoned #Architecture #PromoteHorror

31 Days of Halloween October 2020 Movie Watchlist

Wickedmama’s 31 Days of Halloween October 2020 Movie Watchlist -Every October I curate a new Letterboxd watchlist of movies watched during the month in honor of Spooky Season! #Horror #HorrorFam #PromoteHorror

Disney’s Halloweentown Real Location in Oregon

Disney’s Halloweentown Real Location in Oregon – movie’s town square is REAL and comes back to life every year! Virtual tour, Events and info in my blog post.
#Halloween #Halloweentown #HorrorMovies #PromoteHorror

Tremors: Making Perfection – Behind-the-Scenes Documentary

A brand new documentary from Universal Pictures telling the fabulous story of one of the most unique films ever made – Tremors. Hear from Kevin Bacon, Michael Gross, S.S. Wilson, Brent Maddock, Ron Underwood, Alec Gillis and many more on the making of the iconic comedy horror movie. 30 minutes. Directed by Matthew Snead Produced…

The Cinematic Legacy of Graverobbers Burke and Hare

by Kyle Anderson | Nerdist Two of the most infamous criminals in Victorian Britain, Burke and Hare have been the subject of several horror films, some great, some ghastly. We take a lot of the medical field for granted at this point. Doctors, if you allow them to, are very good at determining what ails…

Salem Witch Museum Online Exhibit

Salem Witch Museum Exhibits Witch trials began in Europe in the early fifteenth century and continued well into the eighteenth century. Over time, fear spread to the colonies, resulting in witch panics, such as the Salem witch trials. While it is challenging to assess the total number of executions that took place throughout this period,…