5 Must-Watch Films about Demons | The Costa Rican Times

When we say demons, we always seem to visualize the horned creatures who viciously torture the poor souls in hell and the treacherous evil spirits who possess human beings.

The study of demons is common in science, theology, philosophy, psychiatry, mental health, and paranormal research. Since the release of The Exorcist in 1973, demonic possessions have gained extensive popularity. People have become curious as they have been joining ghost tours and paranormal investigations just to satisfy their interest.
A 2013 survey by YouGov revealed that the majority of Americans believe in Satan, demons, and demonic possessions: “More than half of all Americans (57%) believe in the existence of the devil and a slight majority (51%) believe in possession by evil spirits.”

But despite the horrific descriptions about demons, they gained a widespread attraction from people and the pop-culture. Thousands of books, essays, and articles about them are in constant publication, while music, TV shows, and movies are widely distributed amongst multimedia junkies.
These movies helped us to visually understand “evil”, which people find boring to read from books and from the Bible. Here are a few of the movies with demons as the subject. We have narrowed down a list that is scary, comical, and at the same time enjoyable for whatever party.
Warning: Spoilers up ahead. Read at your own risk!

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