Horror Music Playlist of the Day – John Carpenter’s Halloween 🎃

Halloween was written in approximately 10 days by Debra Hill and myself. It was based on an idea by Irwin Yablans about a killer who stalks baby-sitters, tentatively titled The Baby-sitter Murders until Yablans suggested that the story could take place on October 31st and Halloween might not be such a bad title for an exploitation-horror movie.

John Carpenter

Film: Halloween
Music Composed and Performed by John Carpenter
Recording Engineer – Peter Bergren
Synthesizer Programming – Dan Wyman
Stereo Remix Engineer – Alan Howarth
Mixed at Pi West Studios, Glendale, CA
Record Label: Columbia
Release Date: August, 1979

John Carpenter talks extensively about the making this soundtrack: Read More Here >>

1. Halloween Theme – Main Title (2:54)
2. Laurie’s Theme (2:05)
3. Shape Escapes (1:42)
4. Meyers’ House (5:35)
5. Michael Kills Judith (3:11)
6. Loomis and Shape’s Car (3:32)
7. “The Haunted House” (3:33)
8. The Shape Lurks (1:35)
9. Laurie Knows (3:01)
10. Better Check the Kids (3:27)
11. The Shape Stalks (3:08)

Soundtrack on YouTube, if you prefer.

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