Chantal Handley Horror Art – Originals and Prints

It’s good to support artists when you can! I really like this talented Australian’s Horror pieces. She offers original pastels and oils, as well as prints, t-shirts, stickers, art packs and more. Check her out on Etsy because she has a sale right now on her original art pieces.

image 0
“The Bride of Frankenstein” was originally created in 2014 and is pastels on (16.5 × 11.6″) acid free Canson Paper.

Chantal Handley is a fine artist based in Queensland who specializes in realistic horror portraits, made up of mostly females. Chantal’s work is a combination of her love of fine art and horror films and an attempt to combine the two, which is classical beautiful with female vulnerability and strength.

Chantal studied animation at University before discovering that she was, in fact, more fascinated with fine art than the animated character but continued to work in the graphic design and animation industry.  

Chantal Handley

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