Playlist of the Day

Screaming Dead – Night Creatures 12”(1983) side A


  1. Night Creatures
  2. Angel Of Death
  3. Necroaria

Cheltenham’s own Screaming Dead punk rock band formed in 1980 and has often been characterized as “horror punk”.


  • Tony McKormack [Tony McCormack] (guitar, bass, 1978-2000)
  • Keith Williams (vocals, 1978-79)
  • Sylvia (bass, 1978-79)
  • Martin Middleton [Minton] (bass, 1979-80)
  • Hugh Fairlie (drums, 1979-81)
  • Simon Warner (vocals, 1979-80)
  • Ian Grant (guitar, 1980)
  • Simon “Sam” Bignall (vocals, 1980-present)
  • Mal Page (bass, organ, piano, 1980-present)
  • Mark Oglivie (drums, 1981-present)
  • Peter Maszlag (guitar, 2014-present)

Read more about Screaming Dead in this detailed article on CVLT Nation.

Image result for screaming dead

Looks like there’s some Vinyl out there to be purchased, not sure if these prices are decent or not, so maybe look about. I heard about some cassette tapes that are really hard to find from the 80s but it’s possible someone has ripped them and shared somewhere? Leave a comment below if you have any info on that.

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