The Spill: Tales of the Unexplained – Live Storytelling Online Event Oct 29th

Submit to tell your story:

Email or dm a brief description of your tale to: or @death_rattle_writer_fest on Instagram. 5-6 minute story-telling slot, DM or email with a brief description of your story to sign up for a storytelling slot. If you have any preferences about your story and how you present information (i.e. having your camera off / username rather than your real name for anonymous purposes) please let them know.


For first hand accounts dealing with the unsettling, the horrifying, the unexplained, and the downright spooky. Have you had an encounter with a force that could not be explained? We are on the hunt for brave souls willing to tell their 5-6 minute first-hand accounts via Zoom for a chilling Halloween edition of The Spill: a live story-telling event. We are looking for stories that range from close encounters with hauntings, shadows that watch you while you sleep, the instinct that saved you from a potential true-crime incident, the depths of nature – whether an attack from a known documented species or a creature only known from the stories we tell one another, UFO sightings, nerve wracking experiences with people who had bad intentions, nautical horrors, an abandoned house that was never really vacated, a benevolent friend from beyond the veil, a recurring nightmare, or the monsters deep in the backwoods that claws within the darkness… if you have a tale to tell we want to hear it!

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