Haunted Abandoned Hotel

The Hotel de Salto Is an Haunted Abandoned Hotel

abandoned hotel de salto
Source: Petruss/Wikimedia Commons
  • Location: Tequendama Falls, Columbia
  • Building/Facility Type: Abandoned Hotel
  • Last recorded use: 1990s

Description: The Hotel De Salto was first opened in 1928 to serve tourists visiting the nearby 157-meter Tequendama Falls. Reports of contaminated waters led tourists to begin to lose interest in visiting the hotel and it was forced to close its doors in the early 1990s.

The building was converted to a museum in 2012. Locals claim that people have decided to use the site to commit suicide leading many to believe it’s haunted.  [Source: Interesting Engineering]

The Hotel Del Salto is a formerly abandoned hotel outside Bogota Colombia, and we get a rare look inside where normally pictures and video are not allowed. Built in 1923 and abandoned in the early 1990’s, this place is a MUST SEE if you’re into abandoned and haunted place, and are in Bogota.

This article provides more information on the hotel and more specifically, beautiful photographs!


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