View from Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn

View from Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, 1881.
Watercolor and black ink on cream, moderately thick, smooth textured wove paper mounted to pulpboard

This image was stumbled upon recently when I was searching the Internet Archive for something specific and unrelated. It’s really a beautiful moody image.

by Rudolph Cronau
Publication date 1881

On special assignment for a German newspaper, Rudolph Cronau came to America to document its cities, frontier lands, and Native American populations for curious European audiences. His training at the Düsseldorf art academy, which emphasized careful draftsmanship, is clearly evident in this romanticized vista of Brooklyn’s famous Green-Wood Cemetery at sunset. Conceived in tones of black and white for reproduction, this watercolor features the Gothic-style entrance arch at center, the classical tomb of John Anderson (a wealthy tobacconist and philanthropist) at right, and New York Harbor in the distance.

Object metadata can change over time, please check the Brooklyn Museum object record for the latest information.

The Internet Archive is more than just the “Wayback Machine” – it’s become a mammoth accumulation of photos, music, publications, old games and more. It’s worth supporting or donating (even a small amount) if you can. I use it frequently, so have dedicated myself to donating to them annually.

What have you “found” in the Archives? I would love to see something I might have missed, please comment below and tell me all about it!

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