Famous Monsters of Filmland 1965 Yearbook

Take a trip down vintage horror memory lane with this 1965 publication featuring all your favorite classic movie monsters!

“DON’T BUY all the copies of this FAMOUS MONSTER YEARBOOK # 3 off the noose-stand because last year you & your friends read the Yearbook # 2 to tatters-leave a few copies for the other guys. Of course, maybe the other guys got to the magazine rack first, in which case you are staring at the palms of your furry brown hands instead of a nice new exciting copy of the much sought after YEARBOOK.

In case you have picked up a copy from a stand that’s already sold out, consider this: you have just done the impossible. And why not? Didn’t your teachers tell you FAMOUS MONSTERS is impossible? (They just do that so they can take your magazine away and read a free copy.) Didn’t
your parents tell you such reading material is impossible?

Even we tell you it’s frankly impossible!-im-possible to find a
More fiendish . . .
Frightening . . .
Fantastic . . .
Fantabulous . . .

Anywhere on earth. Because it’s out of this world.

As Vampa the Vampire sez, “You can bat your bottom dollar on that!” So don’t be a fink, sink your cash & then your teeth in this toothsome new gruesome edition of the world-famous Fear Book . . . and then laff all the way to the Blood Bank!”

James Warren

Contents Include:

  • CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF – Betrayed into Beastiality, He Was A Prisoner in A House of Horror. He died before his son was born, but when the boy was grown he took the most Terrible Vengeance ever known: the revenge of a Wolfman! (From PM #12)
  • THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD – Revealed! Prize- Winning Foto of the Bald High-Domed Frankenstein-Faced Vegetable- Man Menace from Outer Space! (From FM #13)
  • READERS’ DIE -JEST -Fiendish Fun for Everyone! (From FM #7)
  • THE SCREAM FEST -Horror Your Nerves? And your HQ? (Holler Quotient!) A Whiz of a Quiz. (From FM #9)
  • GORGO The Gargantuan! – Prehistoric Thrills as the “Terrible Lizard” from the Dawn of Time Attacks Modern London ! (From FM #11)
  • LON CHANEY SHALL NOT DIE! – A Superb Make-up of the Master Monster of All Time. As the Mad Ghoul of LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT. (From FM #14)
  • DOWN BELOW WITH E. A. POE – In the Pit with the Pendulum! Vincent Price turns your Blood to Ice! (From FM #14)
  • THE 7 SHUDDERSOME CURSES – Can THE MAGIC SWORD prevail against Giants, Witches, Ogres and even a Fire-Breathing Dragon? (From FM #13)
  • ROCKET TO THE RUE MORGUE – Rivalling the Best of Bloch in Popularity, Wendayne Wahrman’s Thrilling 2-Part Feature (here complete!) on Scores of the Scariest Films Ever Made! (From FM #13 & 14!)
  • RETURN OF THE PHANTOM – Claude Rains as Erique, Mad Haunter of the Paris Opera. (From FM #10)
  • HIDDEN HORRORS – The Fire-Scarred Face of the Fiend Behind the Mask in the 1943 Version of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. (From FM #13)
  • THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN – Don’t shrink away from stepping “Inside Darkest Acula” as the Editor Tells All about One of the Top Thrill-Chill Film Adventures of the Past 10 Years. (From FM #13)
  • THE BOY WHO BECAME A MONSTER – See him Change before your Very Eyes! The Beast that was Once A Boy! Read what FAMOUS MONSTERS can do to a Guv. (From FM #3)
  • MONSTERAMA QT QUIZ – How well do you know your Monsters? How well do THEY know YOU? Find Out Now! (From FM #3)

Source: Internet Archive

Do you enjoy this type of retro content? I love digging through online archives to find old stuff. Let me know what you are interested in or your thoughts on Classic Movie Monsters, below!


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    I didn’t want to edit it again but do want to add a link to donate to the Internet Archive. Even a $5 one-time donation helps, it all adds up. The Internet archive is an amazing resource freely available to all of us but it relies on support from the public. I am a donor and contributor and I encourage you to do the same, if possible! https://archive.org/donate/


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