The Complete Book of Magic and Witchcraft – Free to Read

Free to read at the Internet Archive
  • by Paulsen, Kathryn
  • Publication date: 1970
  • Topics: Magic, Witchcraft
  • Publisher: [New York] New American Library

Compiled from ancient as well as modern sources, this is a unique guide to the practice of witchcraft around the world. From magic stones and herbs to theories and spells, all the forbidden arts are here for anyone interested in magi c–black, white, or gray!

CONTENTS include:

  • The Roots of Magic
  • Black, White & Gray Magic
  • Magic Potions
  • Spells, Charms & Incantations
  • Amulets & Talismans
  • Magic Numbers, Words & Symbols
  • and much more.

Free to check out and read at the Internet Archive!

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