Horror Playlist of the Day: Horror Synthwave Giallo Disco, Darker Side, Outrun, Retrowave, DarkSynth #PromoteHorror


It’s Monday and there’s no better time to start listening to some badass Horror Synth while you work (or search for a job, like me). Today, I present:

This is actually a massive playlist, I didn’t even realize that when I started listening to it. There are 355 songs, over 24 hrs of listening. I suppose this could be your overnight listening, if that’s your style!

This playlist includes 80’s inspired synth music from the following horror film and game soundtracks (and more):

Embed not working for you? Try this:

I actually listen to a lot of horror soundtrack music or instrumental playlists as background noise to keep me focused and motivate me to get things done during my day. Hey, do you collect horror soundtrack vinyl? I’ve been trying to avoid going down that rabbit hole, in an effort to downsize the ever-growing collecting of stuff in my house, but seeing this Nightmare on Elm Street soundtrack on split-color vinyl sure is tempting me.

Leave me a comment below with your favorite sort of music, it would be cool to see what you enjoy.

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