Treasury of Folklore – Woodlands and Forests: Wild Gods, World Trees and Werewolves Book #Folklore

Photograph of a book titled Treasury of Folklore - Woodlands and Forests: Wild Gods, World Trees and Werewolves by Dee Dee Chainey and Willow Winsham of #FolkloreThursday
I just ordered a copy! Can’t wait to read it. [Photo Credit: Gametee]

Come with us now on a journey into the forests; walk with us as we delve into the tales and traditions enfolded within the woodlands of the world. Pick up your lantern and step into the dark branches as we dig deep into the soil to unearth their mysteries. There are stories to be heard, so listen softly, and you will hear the tales the leaves of ages whisper into the wind …

Treasury of Folklore: Wild Gods, World Trees and Werewolves

An enthralling collection of myths, tales and traditions surrounding our trees, woodlands and forests from around the world. From the dark, gnarled woodlands of the north, to the humid jungles of the southern lands, trees have captured humanity’s imagination for millennia. Filled with primal gods and goddesses, dryads and the fairy tales of old, the forests still beckon to us, offering sanctuary, mystery and more than a little mischievous trickery.

From insatiable cannibalistic children hewn from logs, to lumberjack lore, and the spine-chilling legend of Bloody Mary, there is much to be found between the branches. Come into the trees; witches, seductive spirits and big, bad wolves await you.

With 40 beautiful woodcut illustrations, there is inspiration one every page. With this book, Folklore Thursday aim to encourage a sense of belonging across all cultures by showing how much we all have in common.

About the Authors

Dee Dee Chainey
Dee Dee Chainey is a writer, and spends her time curating weird and wonderful folklore from around the world for digital communities as co-founder of the online folklore magazine and hashtag day #FolkloreThursday, featured on ‘BBC Trending’, in ‘The Independent’ and ‘Vice UK’. Dee Dee also appeared on the ‘BBC World Service’ talking about the value of the Cinderella fairy tale to modern women, and in ‘The Telegraph’, debating how folklore is still relevant today. Her first book, ‘A Treasury of British Folklore: Maypoles, Mandrakes and Mistletoe‘, was released in April 2018 from National Trust Books. Her work has appeared in the national magazine ‘History of Royals’, and she regularly contributes to Future Publishing’s international bookazines, including pieces on folklore, Norse myths, vampires across the world, the history of magic, Bronze Age artefacts, and Ancient Egyptian deities.

Willow Winsham
Historian and author Willow Winsham brings readers tales of witches and witchcraft at her blog, The Witch, The Weird and The Wonderful. Combining a passion for research and history with a love of storytelling, she dedicates her time to investigating some of the most intriguing accounts from the history of the British Isles. Co-founder of #FolkloreThursday, when she isn’t digging out tantalizing historical tidbits or tracing elusive family members, she is busy writing for All About History Magazine, penning historical fiction and home educating her three children. Willow’s second book about witches, England’s Witchcraft Trials. If you haven’t yet read her first, you can purchase it here: Accused: British Witches Throughout History

Joe McLaren is a freelance illustrator and graduate of the University of Brighton. He has taught Foundation Illustration at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London.

This book was among Miranda Mills’ Summer Book Haul, August 2021

🧛🏻 I just ordered my copy today, so don’t have a personal review to add as yet. This looks like a beautiful book and written by some authors who are very dedicated to the subject. Follow #FolkloreThursday on Twitter. 🧛🏻

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