Horror Movie of the Day: BlackHeart [A Short Film] #PromoteHorror

Featuring a short film presented in the 13 Stories Film Competition

BlackHeart by Wiser Wolves Productions

This short film was made for the 13 Stories Film Competition and is based on the true story of a real life inmate at the Old Idaho Penitentiary. Margaret Hardy, born in Osage Beach, Missouri in 1947, claimed she received no education as a child. In St. Louis, Missouri she ran a “bawdy” house (or brothel) and developed a propensity for thievery. She soon moved to Aspen, Colorado and married. The couple adopted a young African American girl whom they named Henrietta. Margaret moved to Moscow, Idaho in 1890. On February 10, 1895, Margaret attempted to kill Henrietta with an injection of morphine. She then threw carbolic acid onto Henrietta’s face, killing the child. Margaret claimed the poisoning occurred while she was out of the house. After a coroner’s inquest, authorities arrested her. She received a life sentence, to be served at the Idaho State Penitentiary. An Idaho Daily Statesman reporter referred to Margaret as a “Black Hearted Old Hag.” Due to her “status” as the first Caucasian woman to serve time at the prison, staff made many special arrangements to keep Margaret comfortable. Still, she attempted suicide by eating glass on multiple occasions. Guards placed her in the “bughouse,” an early version of solitary confinement, where she started a fire that nearly claimed the life of another prisoner. Despite their early insistence that Margaret faked insanity, they ultimately transferred her to the State Hospital South in Blackfoot, Idaho on October 9, 1895. Annotated to add: “The Old Idaho Penitentiary State Historic Site was a functional prison from 1872 to 1973 in Boise, Idaho.”

I’ve personally made many trips to the Old State Pen over the years of living here, it’s actually one of my favorite (and most-recommended to visit) spots to go back to in each season. The ‘Frightened Felons’ Halloween events there are the best! Christmas in the old Bishop’s house on grounds is magical. Hiking the surrounding foothills is a wonderful adventure outdoors, I could go on and on.

— Wickedmama

2020 ’13 Stories’ Film Playlist from the Old State Pen in Idaho

Ghost Hunting at the Old Idaho Penitentiary

Between 1872 and 1973, the Idaho State Penitentiary housed over 13,000 inmates. Some of Idaho’s most corrupt and cunning criminals resided behind these Boise sandstone walls. Constructed in large part by inmate labor, the “Old Idaho Penitentiary” stands as a reminder of Idaho’s Wild West past. Horse thieves, moonshiners, bank robbers, and assassins alike all called this penitentiary home. Owned and operated by the Idaho State Historical Society, the Old Idaho Penitentiary is one of only four territorial prisons open to the public in the United States.

Interesting Books About the Old Idaho State Penitentiary:

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