Vintage-Style Halloween Mask Sale at Retro!

How can you not love these vintage-style masks? Retro-a-go-go makes these to be used as wall decor. 🖤👻🎃

From their website

Right now we’re offering giant wall decorations with less hassle (no backer, no box) —without the backer & box, we can stack’em & you’ll pay less in shipping. So how low could we go? Can you say, “$13. each!” One hole punch up top and it’s ready to hang or use a 3M strip, try adding lights, make monster garland, paint it, embellish it, glitter it, send one to a friend, or rub your hands all over it and feel the Ghoulsville Goodness at your fingertips. Get crazy, get creative. At this price you have nothing to lose.

This is the first time that we’ve ever offered them plum naked, and if this makes you uncomfortable, please divert your eyes! We don’t want anyone triggered! We’ve even found some long-retired gems from Series 1! Look fast, buy faster—these are going to be gone before you know it!


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