Persian Demons from a Book of Magic and Astrology (1921)

Photo Courtesy of

Weird Persian Demons 🔥

While perusing Public Domain Review, I came across this post chock-full of trippy demon illustrations! Some are rather amusing, to say the least: “These watercolours come from a bound manuscript written by a rammal — or soothsayer — in Isfahan, Iran.” Not all of the 56 painted illustrations in the manuscript depict demonic beings. Amongst the horned and fork-tongued we also find the archangels Jibrāʾīl (Gabriel) and Mikāʾīl (Michael), as well as the animals — lion, lamb, crab, fish, scorpion — associated with the zodiac. But most of the figures shown are far from ordinary or angelic.

See all the images and read more at Public Domain Review.


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