View from Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn

View from Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn [1881]: Brooklyn’s famous Green-Wood #Cemetery at sunset. Conceived in tones of black and white for reproduction, this watercolor features the Gothic-style entrance arch at center.

Demons in Art – by Michaelangelo, 1487

The Torment of Saint Anthony by Michaelangelo [1487] This is the first known painting by Michelangelo, described by his earliest biographers and believed to have been painted when he was twelve or thirteen years old.
#Art #Horror #Demons

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The Eternal Lovers: art piece by Welderwings

Featured Horror Art of the Day: The artist known as “Welderwings” is among my current favorites. This is modern artist creating beautiful surrealist gothic art. Among their pieces, you’ll find skulls, skeletons, ravens, eyeballs (yes, EYEBALLS!), lots of mixed mediums in a gothic/horror setting. The above is just one example of a recent piece. For…

Vintage Weird Tales Art

This illustration by Joseph Howard Krucher appeared in “Weird Tales”, Vol. 44, #7, 1952. Krucher’s bibliography is available in IFSDB. He also did this interesting piece for Necromancer [v1 #2, #3, March 1948]