Persian Demons from a Book of Magic and Astrology (1921)

Weird Persian Demons 🔥 While perusing Public Domain Review, I came across this post chock-full of trippy demon illustrations! Some are rather amusing, to say the least: “These watercolours come from a bound manuscript written by a rammal — or soothsayer — in Isfahan, Iran.” Not all of the 56 painted illustrations in the manuscript…

Letters on Demonology & Witchcraft by Sir Walter Scott [1830]

These days, I do a lot of “window shopping” online, mostly. It’s fun to just peruse online auctions, storefronts, local marketplaces and good old Craigslist. There’s not a lot of books left that I really need to own… but that doesn’t always stop me! Occasionally, I’ll come across something too rare or unique (or just…

Demons in Art – by Michaelangelo, 1487

The Torment of Saint Anthony by Michaelangelo [1487] This is the first known painting by Michelangelo, described by his earliest biographers and believed to have been painted when he was twelve or thirteen years old.
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