Rocky Horror Picture Show VH1 Behind the Music 1999 VHS rip! 💋#WickedWednesday

Let’s do the time warp againnnnnn! 🖤 I haven’t seen this since 1999 📺 so it was really cool to watch it again after all these years and it’s clearly a VHS rip. You’ll get that throwback feeling for sure. This is just a quick, short post today — I really wanted to share this…

Duck, Death and the Tulip from Jorge Sandoval: A short film

A story about friendship. A duck who acquaints a character called Death who, as it turns out, has been following her all her life. The two become friends, discussing life, death, and what any afterlife might be like. This is a beautifully animated version of the Wolf Erlbruch book of the same name. Film Credits…

Tim Curry talks about the Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975

Tim Curry talks about the Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975 | the only full interview that Curry gave about his part in RHPS. Recorded during the week that the film was released in 1975, he talks about his roll in the film.
#promotehorror #movies
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The Haunted Mansion Story – Disneyland [Video]

Welcome Foolish Mortals to the Haunted Mansion! In 1969, Disney made a long playing record about a story of two kids lost in a rainstorm who find and seek shelter in the unknown Haunted Mansion in this storyteller album! This ghost story audio book/video is accompanied by images from the book and the YouTube poster’s…