An 80s-Era Roleplaying Horror Game: It Came From the Late Late Late Show by Stellar Games – A #TerrorThursday Special Feature!

Photo Credit: Book Bruja

If you didn’t know about this crazy Horror-movie-themed rpg, and you like ttrpgs, you should check this out!

It Came From the Late Late Late Show

by Bradley K. McDevitt and Walter H. Mytczynskyj

1989, Stellar Games, Ohio | 56 pages | illustrated

Role Playing in the Bad Movies! A mixture of Mystery Science Theater 3K and Paranoia. The system is comparable to a simplified version of Call of Cthulhu, Runequest, or Basic Roleplaying System. Players play actors in bad movies worthy of being shown on late night public access television, where the GM takes on the role similar to a film director. Settings are usually in typical horror locations: cabins deep in the woods, campsites near stagnant lakes, and so forth. Similar to Hong Kong Action Theater, characters are actors who can move from one movie to another.

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More about Bradley K. McDevitt, the Author

Dan/The Hardboiled GMshoe’s blog on WordPress posted a terrific Q/A Interview with Bradley McDevitt in 2019! You can read his post here.

Do you play table top roleplaying games? Everyone is familiar with Dungeons & Dragons, of course, but tell me about something unique you play, the community you engage with or if you’ve ever played this one. Drop a comment below!


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